Who Offers Residential Repairs in Lakewood, CO?

Turn to Innovative Contracting Services LLC to make repairs around your home

You have a honey-do list that’s a mile long, and there are a few home repair tasks on there that you don’t know how to handle. Innovative Contracting Services LLC can help you out. Our Lakewood, CO professionals can take on your household home repairs. We can do it all—we’ve never faced a home repair issue that we couldn’t diagnose and repair.

You can reach us at 720-227-6370 to learn more about our repair services.

3 reasons to leave the repair work to the professionals

If there are a few DIY projects around the house that you don’t want to complete on your own, you can rely on Innovative Contracting Services to get them done for you. Here are a few reasons to let us handle your home repair work:

  1. We have the training to complete the work safely
  2. We know how to solve complex issues
  3. We can get the job done in a quick and efficient manner
Refer to Innovative Contracting Services for residential repair services.