Stuck With a Bunch of Junk?

Find junk removal and hauling services in Lakewood, CO

Over time, your garage has become filled to the brim with junk. Dated computers, broken appliances, old clothes – you name it. You don’t have to tackle this mountain of stuff on your own. You can count on Innovative Contracting Services LLC of Lakewood, CO to assist you and haul your junk away. Whether you have a rental property full of things that belonged to a tenant or basement full of forgotten belongings, we’ll remove and dispose of it for you.

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4 reasons to remove junk from your property

If you have boxes and bags of old, forgotten stuff sitting around your Lakewood, CO home, you can rely on Innovative Contracting Services to remove and dispose of them for you. Here are a few reasons to haul junk from your home:
  1. You don’t use it anymore
  2. It’s taking up too much space
  3. It’s expired or obsolete
  4. Someone else may need it more than you do
Turn to Innovative Contracting Services for professional junk removal services.